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Who dares to teach must never cease to learn


Reading in English is definitely a good habit for improving your language skills. Here you have some stories to begin reading.

Books for beginners:

1) Alissa, by C.J. Moore

Book: Alissa – C. J. Moore

Activities: alissa_ws

Test : Alissa-Test

Audio:http://www.ivoox.com/readers-alissa-c-j-moore_md_1435409_1.mp3″ Ir a descargar

2) The Magig Barber by John Milne

Book: The Magic Barber – John Milne

Activities: magic_barber_ws

Test: The-Magic-Barber-Test

Audio: http://www.ivoox.com/readers-the-magic-barber-by-john-milne_md_1440186_1.mp3″ Ir a descargar

3) Lucky Number by John Milne

Book: Lucky Number – John Milne

Activities: Lucky-Number-WS

Test: Lucky-Number-Test

Audio: http://www.ivoox.com/readers-lucky-number-by-john-milne_md_1443852_1.mp3″ Ir a descargar

4) Blue Fins by Sarah Axten

Book : Blue Fins – Sarah Axten

Activities: Blue-Fins-WS1

Test: Blue-Finn_Test-sheet

Audio: http://www.ivoox.com/readers-blue-fins-by-sarah-axten_md_1443860_1.mp3″ Ir a descargar

5) In the Frame by Polly Sweetnam

Book: In the Frame – Polly Sweetnam

Activities: In-the-Frame-worksheet1

Test: In-the-Frame-Test

Audio: http://www.ivoox.com/readers-macmillan-readers-starter-in-the-frame-by_md_1443884_1.mp3″ Ir a descargar

6) L.A. Detective by Philip Prowse

Book: L.A. Detective – Philip Prowse

Activities: lA_detective_ws

Test: L.A.-Detective-Test

Audio: http://www.ivoox.com/readers-mcmillan-readers-starter-l-a-detective-by-philip_md_1443881_1.mp3″ Ir a descargar

7) Photo Finish by Polly Sweetnam

Book: Photo Finish – Polly Sweetnam

Activities: photo_finish_ws

Test: Photo-Finish-Test

Audio: http://www.ivoox.com/readers-macmillan-readers-beginner-photo-finish-by_md_1449497_1.mp3″ Ir a descargar

8) Sara says No! by Norman Whitney

Book: Sara Says No! – Norman Whitney

Activities: Sara-says-No-WS

Test: Sara-Says-No-Test

Audio: http://www.ivoox.com/readers-mcmillan-readers-beginner-sara-says_md_1449514_1.mp3″ Ir a descargar

9) Shooting Stars – Polly Sweetnam

Book: Shooting Stars – Polly Sweetnman


Test: Shooting-Stars-Test

Audio:http://www.ivoox.com/shooting-starts-polly-sweetnam_mn_1530187_1.mp3″ Ir a descargar

10) Sky race – Eleanor Jopp

Book: Ski Rice – Eleanor Jupp



Audio: http://www.ivoox.com/sky-race-eleanor-jopp_mn_1530194_1.mp3″ Ir a descargar

11) The lost Ship – Stephen Coulbourn

Book:The Lost Ship – Stephen Colbourn



Audio: http://www.ivoox.com/the-lost-ship-stephen-colbourn_mn_1530218_1.mp3″ Ir a descargar

12) The Umbrella by Clare Harris

Book:The Umbrella – Clare Harris

Activities: Umbrella-worksheet


Audio:http://www.ivoox.com/the-umbrela-by-clare-harris-macillan-readers_mn_1530245_1.mp3″ Ir a descargar

13) The Well by Clare Harris

Book:The Well – Clare Harris


Test: The-well_Test

Audio:http://www.ivoox.com/the-umbrela-by-clare-harris-macillan-readers_mn_1530245_1.mp3″ Ir a descargar


8 responses to “Readers

  1. Snoopy Kuo says:

    Thanks for sharing! :))

  2. pat says:

    do you have books for the other levels, it would be just great 😀

  3. edna says:

    do you have books for the Alice’s adventures in wonderlande by Jennifer bassett

  4. Lucia says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing!! Very good idea

  5. Honey Pham says:

    Great! thanks so much!

  6. Agostine says:

    Thank for sharing! Thanks a million!! 🙂

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